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Series One – 5th February to 6th April
Series Two -
Series Three -
Series Four –
Term Five –


Please indicate the course / courses you would like to attend by booking either;
 by Phone (02) 4307 9421 & leaving a message, providing your
Name, Membership number, & Subject
by email scccc@internode.on.net Subject: My Booking  providing the same information as above.
If you are NOT a Member of the club

Please indicate the course / courses you would like to attend by booking either;
 by Phone (02) 4307 9421 & leaving a message, providing your
Name, Contact number & Course you would like to attend.
by email scccc@internode.on.net Subject: My Booking  providing the same information as above. Your Membership of the Club will proceed upon arrival for the course and you will be most welcome.
The applicant will be enrolled into the preferred course on a first come, first served basis, and will be contacted with your enrolled date/s & time/s, upon which you will be expected to attend.

CLICK HERE to go to the Newsletters page to see a full Timetable for the Courses being offered in 2017

"Windows 10" is an essential course to attend for new Computer purchases and for those that have updated FREE  from Windows 7 etc to understand and get the most out of this Operating System from Microsoft.

Please consider that when booking a course/s DO NOT OVER DO IT.
Only book what you are capable of coping with. There is always the next Series, ROME wasn’t built in a day and Computer work can be tiring.    

To keep the club financially viable, the Committee has reluctantly decided to increase the Joining Fee from $25 to $30 and the Class Fee from $8 to $10 as from the commencement of term one 2017.

NOTE ALSO, for the same reason as above, as of Series Three 2017, Course Fees are to be paid upfront on the first lesson. If this arrangement poses a financial problem then arrangements can be made on a case to case basis following discussion with our Treasurer.

At the Annual General Meeting for 2017, a new Committee has been elected and it was pleasing to see so many members attend.

The Committee is as follows:-
Steve George
Vice President:
Sam Beadsworth
Secretary: Rene Jamison
Treasurer: Lyn Stephenson
Committee Persons: Shona Sutherland, Sheila Craig, David Dunbar and Peter Morrow.
Public Officer: Syd Fabri

The President and Committee of SCCCC welcomes New Members to the Club and wishes you well in your endeavours.

Come and enjoy the experience.
your President

Steve George

About Us

computer cartoonThe S.C.C.C.C. Inc. was founded on 15th May 1998, when a steering committee was formed at a meeting called to gauge public interest on the viability of a club for Seniors to help other Seniors learn how to use a computer. The need for a club was immediately apparent by the number of people who attended on a very wet day. The club was registered and commenced official operations on 27th July 1998. You can read our CONSTITUTION by using your mouse to click HERE. If the file does not open, it may mean that you do not have a copy of a PDF reader on your computer. A FREE PDF reader may be downloaded from Adobe Acrobat.

Our aim is to provide an introduction, training, self-help assistance, and advice on all aspects of computer use. We offer a friendly service (within the scope of the expertise of the club) to anyone over 50 years of age to learn at his or her own pace. There is no pressure to keep up with others. All our facilitators are members of the club who give their time voluntarily and without payment.

Beginner sessions operate as groups in a room using a data projector and screen. Members then follow this with courses in Word Processing, Email and the Internet. These groups are hands on, using networked computers. Other short courses are run on Photography and Publishing. More advanced groups are provided for, and these topics (or subjects) are advertised in the bi-monthly newsletter. Bookings must be made for most sessions. More information is available by contacting the Club by phone or email..computer mouse

iPadSCCCC Mac Users

Help and information for the Seniors Computer Club Central Coast Mac Beginners and Mac Users groups can be found at this link.

Android Tablet and Smartphone Users

Android logoHelp and information for the Seniors Computer Club Central Coast can be found by ringing the on 4307 9421 or email scccc@internode.on.net attn. Steve for further details.

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